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release date
6 Oct 2017

Black Death Metal
Duration : 33:32

ARKHON INFAUSTUS – Passing The Nekromanteion

There are times in life that leave a strong mark,
There are bands, in the Black Metal scene, that mark your life...
And there are formations that mark the French black/death metal History, proudly raising that bloody flag through out a strong, powerful and, sometimes, dissonant musical legacy.
Almost twenty years after its creation, breaking a decade of silence, ARKHON INFAUSTUS raises form the shadows to finish its work and taking over where the souls, facing that long silence, have fallen.
2017 will be the year of resurrection, because ARKHON INFAUSTUS is taking up arms again...

Words from the label manager, Gérald Milani : "I remember that time when I was attracted by that sick and disturbing aura, that putrid fervor and this satanic faith surrounding Black Metal. It is in that turmoil that I met ARKHON INFAUSTUS for the very first time, about 20 years ago, with CELESTIA, COUNT NOSFERATU, ANTAEUS and many others at the Drakkar fest at Avignon (France) and then 2 years later with ABORYM, BLESSED IN SIN and AD HOMINEM. I was completely fascinated by the violence and darkness of their music. And even later on, when their last album "Orthodoxyne" was released, even if it was slightly more melodic and dissonant, the addiction was still there, as if the band's evolution was linked with mine. I could never have imagined working with AKHON INFAUSTUS. So, even if I am not this young boy searching for thrills anymore (our roster is the proof, it is the musical, emotional and artistic aspects that guide us), you can easily understand my excitement with the idea of participating, with the entire LADLO team, to the band's come back. It is as if we are a part, in our way, of that great time, by proxy and two decades later. We believe in that and hope you do so !"

Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
MCD : CD Digipack 3 panels > AO-055 > 7004334112234
MLP : LP 10" gatefold > LPAO-056 > 7004389764235
minialbum : BOX SET > BAO-057

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