prophecies-DEAD SEASON
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release date
5 May 2017

Dark Progressive Metal
Duration : 59.06

DEAD SEASON – Prophecies

  • 1. The New Man
  • 2. Blood Links Alienation
  • 3. Prohibition of God
  • 4. Homogenetic
  • 5. Guidestones
  • 6. Ministry of Thruth
  • 7. Endless War
  • 8. Four Minutes of Hate
  • 9. Mind Entertainement
  • 10. Sexual Binging
  • 11. The Dissident Part I
  • 12. The Dissident Part II

The soundtrack of Oblivion...
Led by Guillaume Singer & Nicolas Sanson, Dead Season delivers some kind of dark progressive metal. Nevermore, Martyr, Shining, Carcass are some of the masters that influenced the band. Those progressive bad boys are experienced musicians who played in various projects: Deathcode Society (Osmose Productions), Hectic Patterns, Ufych Holy Records / EMP), Further Dimension (Symbol).

Their second full length album « Prophecies » has been mixed by Jaime Gomez Allerano (Ghost, Paradise Lost, Primordial...) at Orgone Studio and should allow the band to reveal its true potential. « Prophecies » contains twelve tracks darker than what the band has ever written. A lot of care and work was put into those songs and the production meets the highest standards. This new opus will be released on May 5th 2017.
...The Dead Season has already begun. Presales: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dead-season-new-album-prophecies-preorder-metal#/

Dissonances Records
Format: Digipack CD > 35131883316

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