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release date
18 Oct 2019

STYLE : Metal / Deathcore
ORIGIN : Marseille / France

ETHS – The Ultimate Show

After almost 20 years of career, ETHS has ended its activities in 2017.
In order to share one last time with his fansand to pay tribute to two friends who left us too early, the band gave two ultimate shows in Paris and Marseille with the ORIGINAL LINE UP.
It was CANDICE’s return, iconic singer of the band since the beginning, after 4 years of absence on the front of the stage.
EDZA FILMS and KICK YOUR EYES PRODUCTIONS have decided to join their forces and their complementary assets to immortalize this ultimate moment by picking up of the concert in Marseille.
Thanks to a crowdfunding with the Ulule platform, and the contribution of more than 760 fans, we have been able to produce much more than just a show, but an ultra-collector box including THE ULTIMATE SHOW - LIVE AU MOULIN (Marseille) on April 08, 2017 (1h26 min) in BLU-RAY version, but also DVD and AUDIO CD, and nearly 4hours of bonuses across the band’career.
You will find unpublished documentaries captured by the band itself during the AUTOPSIE tour (10 minutes), the recording of SAMANTHAEP (7 minutes), and the SOMA tour (55 minutes). Also the integral show of the EUROCKEENNES DE BELFORT in 2005 (1h), all their VIDEO - CLIPS, apictureSLIDE-SHOW, the two last songsplayed live in PARIS on April 30th 2017 (14 mn), and several hidden bonuses...

Box BLURAY/DVD/CD available on https://ethsultimateshow.com


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