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release date
14 July 2018

STYLE : Indus/Ambient Folk
DURATION : 24:26


''All that is great in the sense of culture has always been non-political and even apolitical'' (Nietzsche)

The sign is born, becomes insignificant and beyond, sadly insignificant. This microbe of time is a silent giant of power. Smallness of the sign for smallness of the spirit of the one who subscribes to it, for it is easier to believe than to think. So, little man, you obey the insignia because you are no longer sure of your own will; Or will you realize that obedience inspires more horrible crimes than rebellion? The mass is a docile flock that does not think and is unable to live without a master. Then sounds the death knell of the spirit that is imprisoned. Little Man, if the image catches you then you will enter the palace of totalitarian devotion. You will be only a beast, a slave of all, all propaganda, of all the miserable sirens which debase the nobility which awaited you nevertheless. Go to the light of yourself little man, remember that the nihilist is not one who believes in nothing but one who does not believe in what is.

Featuring members from: Malhkebre, Rosa Crux, Sektarism & Still Volk

LABEL : Zanjeer Zani Productions / Necrocosm Productions
Tape 6 panel booklet Stricly limited to 100 handnumbered copies > ZZP017

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