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release date
12 Feb 2018

Industrial black metal
Duration : 27:26

HELEL – A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh

Unleashing a torrent of noise from the decaying landscapes of the modern age, HELEL oppresses the unwary with four brutal tracks of industrialised insanity.
Marching under the banner of the light bringer, "A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh" rages from the darkness, wreaking devastation with its tangible aura of atrocity and alienation, bringing stark revelations of madness and desolation.
Bludgeoning the senses with their relentless hammering attack, these four tracks present a concerted and resolute assault on mundane and shallow perceptions of reality, revealing the dark and treacherous path towards the Absolute.

HELEL, in Hebrew, means "Lucifer".
Through a mechanic stream of noise and madness,
This entity conveys the Light, the Path towards the Absolute.

In conspiracy with Dead Seed Productions and originaly released on CD by Debemur Morti Productions is now released on LP.
This piece of French Avant Garde Black Metal is finally available again to the masses and for the first time on vinyl format.
Four tracks of relentless hammering to serve the Very Principle - Industrial Black Metal at its finest.
Delivered on classy Gatefold LP - white vinyl - limited to 150 copies
Artwork by Metastazis

Buy it: https://necrocosm.bandcamp.com et http://www.necrocosm.org

Necroscosm Productions
Gatefold LP - white vinyl - limited to 150 copies > NECRO013

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