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release date
September 30th 2022

LABEL : Heiðrún Production / Balandras Editions

HRAFNGRÍMR – Hólmganga

In Old Norse, HRAFNGRÍMR translates as «the one wearing the Raven Mask», and is pronounced «ravengrimar» (with rolled Rs).

A NEO NORDIC artistic collective founded by Mattjö Haussy (ex-Skáld) in the early 2020s, the Raven Horde proposes a modern, oniric interpretation of Norse mythology.

Evocating and mesmerizing, HRAFNGRÍMR connects our present-day world with ancient eras by using traditional as well as modern instruments. The lyrics are either drawn from the Poetic Edda in Old Norse, or from ancestral references from across the world. Some of the texts, which have been translated by Jules PIET, are written by Mattjö Haussy in observance of the poetic art of kenningar, that the Skálds used in the Middle Ages.

Using music, song and dance, Hrafngrímr invites the audience to a mystical voyage across the universe of ancient Scandinavians. Getting back, one is invited to bring home the most beautiful aspects of the philosophy, beliefs, art and magic of the ancient people of the North.

It is an invitation to remembrance, and awakening! A shared experience conveyed by the vibrations of our music and voices.

HRAFNGRÍMR strives to combine theatricality and poetry in its music, for its shows to become so much more: an immersive ritual, a journey across space and time.

STYLE : Neo Nordic Folk
ORIGIN : France
DURATION : 18:44

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