🍂 Atmospheric black metal entity Pénitence Onirique have just released the first advance single and title track off their oncoming full length offering « Nature Morte ». Official release date: November 3, 2023 on Les Acteurs de l’ombre Productions

« The concept of this new album is a fictionalised interpretation of René Girard’s work on mimetic desire, the scapegoat and ritual sacrifice. The album is more radical and to the point in all the foundations laid by the band in previous albums. It is more violent, faster, more complex, and a sign of evolution for the band, who refuse to stagnate. »

🍂 Tracklist :

  1. Désir
  2. Les Mammonites
  3. Nature Morte
  4. Lama Sabachthani
  5. Je vois Satan tomber comme l’éclair
  6. Pharmakos
  7. Les Indifferenciés

🍂 Preorders: https://lesacteursdelombre.net/…/bands/penitence-onirique/

Artwork by Aurore Lephilipponnat

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