PENSEES NOCTURNES: first vinyle edition

For a side note, without Pensées Nocturnes there will be no label, for it is with the band’s first two albums (release in 2009 and 2010) that the label grown. Then, it is with a very particular affection that we evoke this band.

“Vacuum”, the first album, laid the label’s foundation by enrolling it in the Black Metal movement but rather as an influence, as you know we love bands that go beyond the simple style. Even if it still can be improved, it gave the label a strong identity.

« Grotesque » is in our opinion a masterpiece, one of LADLO’s best release. Not many bands has gone that deep in the Experimental Black Metal : intense, accomplished and unique. There is nothing to dislike in the album!

As a reminder, PENSEES NOCTURNES will be performing at the LADLO Fest next October, in Nantes, FRANCE.

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