Osculum Infame interview Versus Magazine

Par Cristina Sá Salut ! Osculum Infame a commencé en 1993. C’est beaucoup d’années. Quels ont été les moments les plus importants de ce long parcours ? Avec le recul,…

SOYUZ BEAR – « Black Phlegm » coming out soon!

After a first demo released in K7 in 2015, SOYUZ BEAR re-enter the fray with a slow, creeping or even menacing sludge/doom first album. If this name doesn’t say anything to you,…

THE NEGATION : A Prayer for Those I Will Have to Kill (full version)

THE NEGATION are opposed to those who deny or avoid the cold and immaterial law of reality. THE NEGATION is firstly a concept, a vision of our global society based…

Sektarism: interview in Portuguese

Interview in Portuguese with Sektarism inside the digital magazine Versus Magazine. Thanks to Cristina Sá for the translation. The french version is available for consultation here:

LADLO are proud to announce the release of the first album of HEIR

Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions are proud to announce the release of « Au Peuple De l’Abîme » on its label on October 20th, 2017 : the first album of the young band…

Entretien avec Noémy de Solstice Promotion

LES METIERS DE LA MUSIQUE : Entretien avec Noemy de Solstice Promotion

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