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March 15th 2024

CORPUS DIAVOLIS – Elixiria Ekstasis

It was in anno 2008 in the south of France when Daemonicreator & Lord Khaos formed the core of what is now called CORPUS DIAVOLIS.
The name stands for The Body of The Devil. The pleasures of the flesh. The aim is to satisfy one’s hunger for perverted and orgiastic distortion of time and space through extreme metal soaked in mystical ambience.
To attain those vibrations of the soul that make us experience a higher state of existence. Soon joined by guitarist Analyser and drummer King Had, Corpus Diavolis unleashed the “Nightsky Orgia” EP followed by their first full-length album “Revolucia” and a split with underground French black metallers Total Satan. Initially inspired by the Scandinavian black metal scene, the band shifts its musical direction towards more esoteric, atmospheric and progressive planes of creation which suite better the occult lyrical lore.

Enriched by new blood, namely IX on drums and progressive bassist Funeral, the second full-length “Entheogenesis” brandishes the flags of the aforementioned evolution. Taking the perilous path of originality, the material uncompromisingly carries the savage winds of destruction. Slowly erupting from the underground, Corpus Diavolis found themselves opening for cult acts such as Inquisition, Loudblast, Belphegor and Nightbringer.

Recorded and mixed by Greg Chandler (Esoteric, Lychgate), the third full-length album “Atra Lumen” is a journey through the obscure unexplored galleries of esoteric metal. A ritualistic and ceremonial approach to Satanic syncretism unveiling hidden paths to illumination and spiritual consciousness. The music is more organic; slow doomy parts and avantgarde details enrich the primordial brutality of the band’s past.

Anno 2020 saw the construction of “Apocatastase,” recorded and mixed by George Emanuel (Rotting Christ, Lucifer’s Child) with cover artwork from Khaos Diktator Design, is the band’s most ambitious and grandiose project to date.
The nakedness of black metal reflected in the mirror of the Devil. The ritual is undressed in the intense sophistication of a journey outside the reality of appearances. The material immediately caught the attention of dedicated French label Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions and was released in 2021 in a beyond-luxury box containing all paraphernalia needed for the ultimate esoteric listening experience.

2022-2023: Former drummer King Had is back behind the kit and a new opus has been invoked in the ritual chambers of Daemonicreation studio, mixed and mastered once again by George Emanuel in Pentagram Studio, Athens, Greece. The quintessence of this work is drawn from the divine feminine sexuality, the liberated woman as a initiatress, in Mystical Union with Chaos. She raises high her Chalice and offers her blood, the Elixir of Ecstasy. Bestiality, pushed to the limit, manifests itself in its pure glory, then metamorphoses into psychedelic layers of ambience, progressive low frequencies and sacerdotal chants, to form the scrolls on which are inscribed the visions and complex formulas of a Satanic Charnel Esotericism. The visual manifestation of the concept is materialized perfectly by Chilean artist Kerbcrawlerghost. The pact with the label Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions has been renewed and the release date set for march 2024.

STYLE: Black Metal
ORIGIN: France
DURATION: 58min03
LABEL: Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions
NETWORK DISTRIBUTOR: Season of Mist / Plastic Head

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