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release date
27 Nov 2020

STYLE : Black Metal
ORIGIN : Paris/France

END OF MANKIND – Antérieur à la Lumière

Like a dark pigment buried deep under the lights of the French capital, End Of Mankind was born in 2015 from the ashes of the 90s Parisian tyrant Eternal Majesty.

Based on this heritage, End Of Mankind started by playing oldschool black metal following the footsteps of bands such as Darkthrone, Emperor, Mayhem and Satyricon; distilling various ambient elements, rock and punk vibes, that shaped its identity.

Originally formed by Goulax, Sagoth and Thorgon (ex-Aosoth, Eternal Majesty, Antaeus), End Of Mankind was soon joined by Anxiferath and Nesh to complete the line-up. This young 5-piece is based on the long experience and very singular universes of each of its members.

In the year 2016, the band recorded their first EP "Faith Recoil", followed by a split in 2017 with Katakombe, entitled "Darkness Devours the Sun".

This was followed by many shows throughout France and Europe (Greece, Holland, Bulgaria, etc…), along with many international bands such as Délétère, Teethgrinder, Maggot Heart, Merrimack, Toner Low, Profanatica, Sorgelig, Incendiary...

In November 2019, after 2 years of work, the band's first album « Faciem Diaboli » was released. A horrific fresco depicting the phenomenon of "recluses" in the Middle Ages. These women were sequestered in damp and narrow masonry cubes with the impossibility of moving in there. They were considered as the sentinels of souls, their role was to be in communion with God, in order to spare the city all evils (wars, famines, epidemics). At that time, suffering was considered necessary to obtain heavenly rewards, this yearning for sacrifice gave rise to the "recluseries".

In 2020, End Of Mankind makes a radical line-up change since the drummer position will now be occupied by Volodia and bass by Gasha. It is with this new strong line-up that the writing of a new album begins.

The cancellation of many concerts and a tour in Bulgaria due to the "virus" finally allowed the band to go into total immersion in the composition and writing of the new songs. Barely de-confined, the band entered the studio in June 2020 to record « Antérieur à la Lumière », just seven months after the release of « Faciem Diaboli ».

Tinged by the duality of Pierre Soulages' gigantic work, this new opus offers a journey beyond the dark, in the original darkness revealing in his path the darkness of man who never ceases to defile the web of the world. Having become a scourge for himself by devastating his microcosm and enslaving his fellow human beings, he is unable to prevent his world from unravelling. Its end becomes inevitable.

« Antérieur à la Lumière », sets to music the hints of this dying humanity, through 9 tracks mixing the extreme brutality of compositions and themes addressed, with a contemplative sensitivity of the corners of human existence.

Nous sommes ce pays au-delà du noir

A travers nous persistera ce territoire

LABEL : Mallevs Records

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