release date
20 April 2018

STYLE : Raw Death Metal
DURATION : 11:09


The sinister new side of French death metal has a name: MALEKHAMOVES! Created in 2011 under the aegis of The Apostles Of Ignominy who already embrace Malhkebre, Darvulia and Sektarism. Malekhamoves goes far beyond bucolic melodies and a shitty “modern” technical/plastic sound. The Angel of Death presents doomed processions combined with brutal assaults and ultra-aggressive invocations!

Listen to this demo and feel the anger of the Apostles. A French death metal band with the balls to sing in French. A lot of pseudo-guardians of old schoold death values will certainly be shocked by this new horde, but we don’t care about theses conservatives cretins. Satan has no boundaries!

Remember that Death is the main goal of life, may it be its splendid achievement through the vortex of suffering!

MALEKHAMOVES has begun to work on their first full-length album, a seven-track opus of pure hatred.

LABEL : Battlesk'rs Production
7" EP Limited to 299 handnumbered copies > SKR030-EP

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