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April 7th 2023


FROM CHILDHOOD FRIENDS TO THE WORLDWIDE SCENE Formed in 1996, Penumbra who involves childhood friends linked by an unconditional love for metal music, signed for 3 albums with famous labels (Last Episode, Season of Mist) and quickly made a name for themselves on the international metal scene.

The band had the privilege to tour with some of the most important bands of the metal scene such as Within Temptation and Epica.

Penumbra also participated in well-known festivals sharing the stage with Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, Apocalyptica,...

Since then, Penumbra embarked on the self-production adventure, confident in their strength and sustainability and the musical renewal that they are able to instill thanks to a new and talented young singer: Valérie Chantraine. With Eden, their latest album, the band is on the way to succeed in its most difficult challenge: invent its own style and to move away from a musical trend (metal with female singers) that has become very formatted and predictable.

5 ALBUMS | 6 MUSICIANS Since their first opus "Emanate" (1999), the French band has left their mark with an unconventional line-up of 7 musicians, a trio of male (death, black), female (lyrical) singers and oboe, a novelty in metal music.

"The Last Bewitchment" (2002) and "Seclusion" (2003) mark the peak of the band when "Era 4.0" (2015) introduces Penumbra into the era of symphonic neometal.

Today, the musical maturity of the band is reflected in the 5th album "EDEN", revisiting the symphonic gothic metal, work of their deep identity.

A SYMPHONIC GOTHIC METAL STYLE Penumbra is a combination of the main metal styles with classical and symphonic music. Rightly affiliated with metal, the band has nevertheless always made a priority never to lock itself into a specific style. It highlights the antagonism between female voices and metal songs and also integrates real choirs, an orchestra, oboe, oriental and Celtic sounds always kept as a backbone and binder with metal.

STYLE: Symphonic Gothic Metal
ORIGIN: France
LABEL: M & O Music

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