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April 8th 2023

TWELVE DIVERSIONS – Torwards becomes backwards

TWELVES DIVERSION is a mutant project built on dualities. It's an encounter, sometimes head-on, between digital and analog, electronic and rock, quiet and storm.
On the one hand, harmonic and synthetic layers and the machines, and on the other, rock's raw feeling, guitars, the emotional lyrics and voices.
The style is rich and varied, often ambient and progressive, sometimes rockier.
The first album "Forwards Becomes Backwards" is released by Newdeal Music and produced by David Husser (Depeche Mode, Rodolphe Burger, Crown, Y-front).

For Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Peter Gabriel, Puscifer and Massive Attack fans...

STYLE: Electro Rock
ORIGIN: France
LABEL: New Deal Music

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