MOONREICH: new track premiere


Recorded and mixed at Studio Henosis

Mastering by Hertz Studio

Artwork by Drumshit

MOONREICH ,2018:a decade of fighting, already… It all started in Île-de-France, long before their struggle led them on the road, over and over. They strode across many dreadful places, gave rise to many others by presenting different faces. They let behind them the Pillars of Detest three years ago. It’s now time for the Fugue, but definitely not the run away. Their mouths are still throwing up their curses with that same intact conviction. Their strings and drums grip, devastate, fascinate, obeying to no law but theirs : the Loi Martiale. May the pretended political animals be overthrown by the cold darkness of Moonreich’s new creations.

Fugue will be out on June 15th 2018

MOONREICH discography :

2008: Zoon Politikon (EP)

2011: Loi Martiale (album)

2012: Curse Them (EP)

2013: Terribilis Est Locus Iste (Album)

2015 Pillars of Detest (Album)

2018: Fugue (Album)

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