LIVE: Aorlhac turns back after 6 years!

Capture and editing by Violent Motion

HYRGAL – Serpentine CD digipack reissue

We believe a lot in the potential of HYRGAL and hope you will be as enthusiastic as we are.

Hyrgal pops out from Clement Flandrois’ desire, also known for its former work with Svart Crown, a decade ago. Even if the line up went through some ups and downs, it now proudly bears its slough with this first album as an ornament : Serpentine. Its black metal free from artifices directly goes under the patronage of primal forces, shaking the fragile human structure. It inherit a duality between the rampancy of natural disasters and the peaceful simplicity of melodic parts. We go through this album as if we were in the vast alpine landscape that inspired the album : searching for an original power stirring up at the same time a genuine fear and a irrepressible fascination.

LINE-UP: Flandrois Clément (Guitars, Vocals) | Zuccaro Emmanuel (Drums, Percussion, Vocals) | Aberne Quantin (Bass)
Hand Drawing artworks: Le chien noir
Pics: Fabrice Flandrois (29/11/1956 – 10/08/2012)

Words from the label manager, Gérald Milani:

“Would you believe it if I told you we almost missed out on this fantastic band …For the anecdote, JB from Svart Crown sent me, during summer 2017, some tracks from Serpentine as a preview because he thought this album will perfectly fit with LADLO. Back then, I was in a personal torment, and I did not put much intention on this proposition, moreover our 2018 planning was already full. Yet, back from the 2017 Tyrant Fest, Tony from RLHT talked to me, in the most flattering way, about this album, released shortly before on Naturmacht Productions on CD. Clément (mastermind of Hyrgal, and ex-Svart Crown) shared those track with him when RLHT played at Marseille, in Fall 2017. This made my mouth water that much that I had to listen to the album as soon as possible : the next morning I contacted the band and asked the team what they thought about it. It was a general crush, it did not took much time to find some place for them in our planning, even if we could only produced the vinyl. You know that we prefer producing all format, but we really wanted to work on this album, and we hope that this is a first step to a long collaboration.

Words will never replace music, and the best thing for you to make up your mind is to listen to this awesome Serpentine. You will surely be touched, as I have been, by this energy, this primitive strength, almost instinctive, that hit you straight in the face like a tsunami. It is striking while offering in the same time smart compositions leading you through different atmospheres. I love everything on this album, from the French exacerbate singing to the subtle and perfectly placed lyrics, from the amazing riffs to the heavy and dissonant atmosphere, from the ever-present drums to its place in the sound spectrum.

A first try, yet very mature, that already makes this album a special one that we are extremely proud to share with you. “

MAIEUTISTE’s first album: vinyl edition

Maïeutiste’s first album received wholehearted praise and tremendous support from critics and public alike. This album is now available on double LP gatefold version (gold or black) with new artwork and remastered tracks


01 – Introductions… : 3’55
02 – …in the Mirror… : 6’30
03 – Reflect/Disappear : 5’23
04 – Purgatoire : 5’33
05 – The Fall : 5’08
06 – Absolution : 7’59
07 – The Eye of Maieutic Art : 9’07
08 – Lifeless Visions : 9’17
09 – Death to Free Thinkers : 8’22
10 – Annonciation : 4’04
11 – Death to Socrates : 11’01

MOONREICH : third extract from “Fugue”

Release date : June 15th 2018

Recorded and mixed at Studio Henosis

Mastering by Hertz Studio

Artwork by Drumshit

PENSEES NOCTURNES: first vinyle edition

For a side note, without Pensées Nocturnes there will be no label, for it is with the band’s first two albums (release in 2009 and 2010) that the label grown. Then, it is with a very particular affection that we evoke this band.

“Vacuum”, the first album, laid the label’s foundation by enrolling it in the Black Metal movement but rather as an influence, as you know we love bands that go beyond the simple style. Even if it still can be improved, it gave the label a strong identity.

« Grotesque » is in our opinion a masterpiece, one of LADLO’s best release. Not many bands has gone that deep in the Experimental Black Metal : intense, accomplished and unique. There is nothing to dislike in the album!

As a reminder, PENSEES NOCTURNES will be performing at the LADLO Fest next October, in Nantes, FRANCE.

MOONREICH: new track premiere


Recorded and mixed at Studio Henosis

Mastering by Hertz Studio

Artwork by Drumshit

MOONREICH ,2018:a decade of fighting, already… It all started in Île-de-France, long before their struggle led them on the road, over and over. They strode across many dreadful places, gave rise to many others by presenting different faces. They let behind them the Pillars of Detest three years ago. It’s now time for the Fugue, but definitely not the run away. Their mouths are still throwing up their curses with that same intact conviction. Their strings and drums grip, devastate, fascinate, obeying to no law but theirs : the Loi Martiale. May the pretended political animals be overthrown by the cold darkness of Moonreich’s new creations.

Fugue will be out on June 15th 2018

MOONREICH discography :

2008: Zoon Politikon (EP)

2011: Loi Martiale (album)

2012: Curse Them (EP)

2013: Terribilis Est Locus Iste (Album)

2015 Pillars of Detest (Album)

2018: Fugue (Album)

MOONREICH unveils a new song

Release date : June 15th 2018

Recorded and mixed at Studio Henosis

Mastering by Hertz Studio

Artwork by Drumshit