Pénitence Onirique: first album out now!

Pénitence Onirique is born from an ancestral and powerfull bicephalous mystical appearance. The band delivers a dark and intense Black Metal, with a complex and frank brutality, half-way between an alchimical ritual and an introspective preach. Taken from the depest pains, their first offering, V.I.T.R.I.O.L, is taking us for a initiatory journey to the meaning of death.

Limited edition with leather slipcase made by Bellovesos from Pénitence Onirique still available.
♫Full streaming on Full Black Metal Albums: https://youtu.be/UuNFamprors
Order : http://ow.ly/kS3G304h5JV
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Darkenhöld, vinyls are now available!

Darkenhöld, vinyls are now available on Les Acteurs de l’ombre Productions store, it’s a limited edition only 200 copies. Listen to the last album “Castellum” here : https://ladlo.bandcamp.com/album/castellum
coproduction with Those Opposed Records.

New Les Acteurs de l’ombre Productions’s Cd sampler 2016!

The french underground Black Metal label Les Acteurs de l’ombre Productions released their new Cd sampler!
Listen to it on Bandcamp & get the CD when you order on their shop.
Feat.: Wildernessking, The Great Old Ones, Darkenhöld , Lifestream, Mare Cognitum, Way to End, Spectrale, I HEIR I, In Cauda Venenum, Pénitence Onirique, Barús.


Wildernessking Split LP is out!

This LP includes both the “…And the Night Swept Us Away” & “The Devil Within”EPs, along with two new recordings, clocking in around the 41min mark. It also features a brand new song,” Decay” & a live studio version of “And the Night Swept Us Away” This limited edition (300 copies) included two silkscreens. Artwork by One Horse Town Illustration.
A new Wildernessking’s silkscreen is also available on LADLO shop.

Order here :http://ow.ly/dQkD302vksH

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Chronique du 1er album de Lifestream à lire sur VS-webzine

” Claviers et chœurs quasi-grégoriens tapissent sans cesse l’échafaudage Metallique de Post Ecstatic Experience. Il en résulte une atmosphère assez apocalyptique, une fin du monde illuminée par les dernières lumières célestes, plus puissantes que jamais, une sorte de contre-ÆVANGELIST en un sens, la Terre n’étant pas ravagée par les enfers mais purifiée par les anges. Voilà ce qui va transformer un album relativement banal de Black atmosphérique en une œuvre assez prenante.” (15,5/20)





– 22/01/16 Caen, Le Bocal w/ Häshcut, Misere Nobis


– 23/01/16  Le Havre, Fort de Tourneville w/ Ruines, Misère Nobis


– 13/02/16 Venlo (NL), Poppodium Grenswerkw / Ggu:ll + Eleanora


– 27/02/16 Dunkerque, 4Ecluses w/ Briqueville, The Lumberjack Feedback


– 11/03/16 Rouen, Hipster Cafe w/ Polori, Diplodobong


– 12/03/16 Denain, Théâtre de Denain w/ Melechesh, Celeste


– 23/04/16 Tyrant Fest Amiens, La lune des Pirates w/ Otargos, Moonriech, Phazm, …


– 04/06/16 TOXOPLASMOSE FEST, Château d’Erguel (switzerland) w/ Herder, All Pigs Must Die and more


– 29/07/16 XTREM FEST, Albi w/ Carcass, Exodus, Conan, Testament and more


– 20/08/16 MOTOCULTOR FESTIVAL, Saint-Nolff w/ Conan, Dying Fetus, Neurosis, Testament and more


– 17/09/16 DEAF ROW FEST 2016, Léna (ger) Kassablana Jena w/ CELESTE, The Black Heart Rebellion and more