FARULN: A new pact is sealed

Battlesk’rs Productions is proud to announce that we sealed a new pact with the Swedish Black Metal project: FARULN.

Faruln is the audial escape for bedeviled souls. Its craft reflects on the human darkness, the vanity of existence and the ultimate death. It is music for those who walk the sinister path of no return.

Expect the best from this alliance. The first release of FARULN under the banner of Battlesk’rs will be out March 1st!

– What is to give Light must Burn –


FARULN is a one man black metal project hailing from the northern parts of Sweden. Since the formation in 2014 FARULN has been an honest attempt of extracting sounds and words from the gaping void within.

The first demo ”Unfettered” (2015) gained sufficient attention in cyberspace for Canadian Ekhidna Records to manufacture it in physical form. Two years past until the second demo candidly entitled ”Faruln” was unleashed upon the masses. This time in digital form only but still vital enough for French underground label Battlesk’rs Productions to initiate a malignant collaboration.

The first official release of FARULN is the EP called ”The Black Hole Of The Soul” containing four tracks of unique Swedish Black Metal. This is just the beginning for Faruln whom in a moderate but determined pace will continue to disrupt the sonic landscapes.

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